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In America, more than 96 percent of peoples are using cell phones, but it is highly surprising that only 81 percent have a Smartphone, according to a survey in the USA. For such people, who find it difficult to use a Smartphone and can’t use it properly, the best can service provider Uber is testing a new feature to hail a car: a 1-800 number.
In the eyes of Uber, it should be a new experiment but for the people who remember the services of calling a car in the pre-Uber days, it is not a new experiment. The number from 1-800 is only available for the people who presently live in Arizona. In the interview, Uber says that the people who don’t have the Uber app can use this feature. They only have to call on 1-833-USE-UBER to request a ride from the members of the live team in Uber. After that one of the representatives from the Uber team will provide an estimated cost of a ride by using the same algorithm that is used in the app.

If you want to use this feature, you only have to own a cell phone as you receive an important message regarding your ride through SMS, that’s why it becomes necessary to have a text-based mobile phone. Through SMS you will receive a driver’s details, driver’s name, and estimate cost of the ride. You will continuously receive messages through SMS throughout the trip and once the trip is completed, you will receive a receipt in which there is ride cost.
While designing this feature, Uber thought about the old people and who don’t use a Smartphone, and keeping them in mind they design this feature. Still, the people preferring conversational support can also be benefited from this feature. The representative from Uber also added that the number 1-833-USE-UBER is built to expand the access of cab service for the people who prefer little extra assistance while using our cab services. This feature allows everyone to use the cab service and gets the benefits of Uber.

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Through this feature, Riders can book a ride in Arizona and they can use various ride options like UberX, Uber Black, Uber Assist and WAV, without including any extra charge. Only the data rates and carrier message applies to it.
But Uber also said that this number is not made for the general use as they request to use the app for book the ride. This feature is only for those who don’t have a Smartphone and can’t take the service of Uber app to book ride.
It is not for the first when Uber comes outside its app to contact its passenger as they previously in 2016, launched an emergency number for passengers to get in touch with Uber employees. The number is only launched for emergency services. They also tested the voice over internet protocol feature to make a call using an Internet connection.

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