Thursday, June 1, 2023
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When it comes down to a business’s success, then it would be right to say the access to valuable data and making smart use of it seems legit. Since we are talking about access to data, only a handful of companies have done something good from it when compared to Facebook.

Impeccable engagement and adoption for platforms like Instagram and apps similar to that have provided Facebook with an edge in data distribution that helped Facebook to become one of the biggest century’s success stories till this date. Facebook used its staggering user base along with data access to gain in a leading position in the market of digital advertising. Moreover, the company is trailing Alphabet’s Google in terms of overall digital-ad market share.

Now Facebook is planning on strengthening its position in the Data Age. And to do so, the company is gathering information from its Oculus virtual-reality headsets. Well, to be honest, turning Oculus VR headsets into data sources makes a lot of sense keeping in mind what VR is capable of.


Why VR is Important for Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg is one of those individuals who exactly know what VR is capable of and recently he stated that VR could make mobile as the next revolutionary computing platform. Facebook purchased VR Company Oculus in 2014 at a price reported to be in the $3 billion range. While the VR unit was operated largely by the parent organization, it was always expected that it would eventually see a tighter integration.

With the debut of new social connectivity features, Oculus recently made a statement that its devices will soon start sharing information with Facebook. This is such a change in policy for the VR unit that many of us were suspecting it to happen any time soon. The user data, on the other hand, will be implemented in the company’s digital advertising platform. However, it is also being used to inform the development of social VR apps on Facebook.

But, we are sad to tell you that worldwide adoption of VR is years away from turning into reality, and it may never happen at all, we are not sure, at all. But Facebook, on the other hand, has big incentives to carry out the work needed to gain the leading position in this space. VR has the capability to change the way we use social media. Other than that, it has the capability to reshape the digital advertising scenario in-process and revolutionizing fields like e-commerce and gaming.

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