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Weibex ERP App Review and RatingsThe app is a fully-featured mobile app for every enterprise. Weibex is a perfect app that lets you manage everything about your industry. Being a web-based ERP platform, this app helps you manage your office while on the go. You are provided with the latest notifications, follow-ups, orders, sales, invoices, customer issues, and more while working. The app aims to maintain full features with designed grounds up for mobile use. It has responsive UI and layouts of the web app. The app can be used by both small and medium businesses and can focus on the growth of the business with systems that are only affordable by large enterprises.


• Efficient management anywhere at any time
• 100% elegant software that you can access on your handheld device
• Optimized for quick access to data
• Instantly order a job or approve drafts
• All invoices made in the app can be sent to different channels via mail
• Tracking of inventory


It has a simple, easy to learn and use interface that targets every kind of user.
4 major sections include sales, purchase, inventory, and report.
The inventory home includes some sub-sections such as stock, goods issue, goods receipt, and material-to-material transfer.
Stock shows you the all the stocks in the organization, issues regarding goods are shown in a separate section, the receipts of every goods purchase is kept in another.
You can give a direct material to material transfer and that all can be done directly through the app.
The purchase home tab includes vendor, purchase, and purchase return.

Weibex ERP App Review with Googleplaystore Screen
The vendor is the list of vendors for your organization, the purchase is where you can purchase the item, and if anything after a purchase is returned; it will directly head to purchase return.
The sales tab includes sections like customer, sales, and sales return.
Sales include the sales made by the organization and sales return- if anything returned after the sale is done.



Covered by most of the small-sized and medium-sized industries. The app is great when it comes to acceptance by the users. it is much widespread especially the organizations that were not able to manage the culture in the traditional ways. The best part is the developer concentration is to get a huge coverage from around the globe. The user sticks to the app if it’s used once by them.

Update Frequency:

We all are aware that not all apps are able to come up as there are a million apps in the store. An app’s usability can diminish over time. the major reason for it is fewer updates. Users do not get anything while they use your app. for instance, your user not getting notifications at the same time.
The app deals with the issue very well, the developers focusing on removing every bug that can arise and provide you with some additional features.


The app is an amazing concept and the utility of the app is much than it seems. The developer focus on its fast performance and data security. A great app that it is like carrying a mini office in our palms. The best app for enterprise resource planning that is well-appreciated by many organizations.


Weibex ERP brings you a great ERP application for mobile use.
The app has a very great UI that enables you to easily manage your in-stock and out-stock. Your sale and your purchase. It tracks down your inventory and watch over your sale and purchase returns.
You can easily manage your enterprise with this app.

Website Link : www.bluesky.ae

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