Thursday, June 1, 2023
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• Now, WhatsApp for Android users can pick to lock the app – with their fingerprints as validation to unlock it after that.
• The corporation previously released the feature to iOS users 3 months ago.

The latest update brings the much-expected fingerprint lock feature to WhatsApp. For the ignorant, the Fingerprint Lock feature permits WhatsApp users to safeguard their application through the fingerprint sensor, & this feature is very much equivalent to the verification feature launched to iOS users only some months ago.

The users of Android Beta aren’t the original ones to obtain the Authentication attribute as the organization already released the feature to iOS users 3 months ago. Now, WhatsApp Beta for Android is getting a new update with the editions number- 2.19.3.


WhatsApp Beta for Android Gets Fingerprint Lock Feature


In iOS, users are going to be capable of securing their application via Face ID or Touch ID (on the recent iPhones); however, in Android, it presently permits users to protect the app merely via fingerprint scanner. As of now, the 2.19.3 beta update is launching in batches, and it’s so far to pop up on the Google Play Store as well. The recent update was primarily reported by WABetaInfo, quoting that each WhatsApp Beta Android’s user will be competent to make use of the verification feature with no trouble, subjected if their mobile phone has a fingerprint scanner.

WhatsApp released a beta program for all Android users some years ago. And the name itself recommends the Facebook-owned Corporation pushes up-gradations to the beta audiences initial in front of the constant users. Hence, if you are a WhatsApp Beta user, you will be capable of enjoying the features much ahead of permanent users, & for the majority fraction, the beta edition of WhatsApp is quite steady. It does carry in a few bugs, but the majority of them won’t be detected.

Talking about the new feature, WhatsApp Beta users having 2.19.3 updates will be competent to observe a new alternative called ‘Authentication’ within the Privacy section of the mobile app. Tapping on Authentication is going to display a screen where audiences will have to create their recorded fingerprint on the mobile phone to facilitate the security trait. After allowing the feature, each time the users open WhatsApp, it is going to inquire for validation through the listed fingerprint to release the app.

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Several Android users depend on third-party applications or in-built application locker to protect WhatsApp. However, once the Authentication attributes releases to the public, they can utilize the in-built alternative itself.

WhatsApp Already Launched Authentication Feature to iOS Users

Android Beta customers are not the primary ones to get the Authentication attribute as the corporation previously released the feature to iOS users 3 months ago. Yes, it’s absolutely correct, it’s been around three months as WhatsApp pressed Touch ID/Face ID authentication trait to iOS users. Usually, approximately all the modern WhatsApp features arrive at Android Beta editions first, but this feature was rolled out to the iOS users first and now being appended to the Android Beta edition 2.19.3.

At present, Android Beta permits users to protect their WhatsApp application only via Fingerprint scanner & not via Face Unlock. Approximately all the Android phones in the marketplace, as of now, feature a fingerprint scanner. Nevertheless, several admired entry-level Smartphones, such as the Realme C2, Redmi 7A, and so on, ship with Face Unlock attribute. It will be appealing to observe if WhatsApp releases the Face Unlock verification feature as well.

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