Friday, January 27, 2023
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• WhatsApp is going to redesign the Photo icon in its Android application.
• The messaging app is functioning on adding numerous device support in its Android application.
• It has begun launching different device compatibility with iPhone users.

WhatsApp has been operating on adding several innovative features to its Android application. The recent reports specified that the corporation is effective in adding up Blocked Contact Notice & Grouped Blocked Contacts traits on to its Android mobile app. Also, a new study showcases the Facebook-owned social messaging application is functioning on adding up a new numerous device support attribute to its Android app shortly.

As per a report released by WABetaInfo, the blog, which tracks developments in the admired social texting app, WhatsApp is expected to get the Multiple Device Support feature shortly. It is similar to the Registrations Notifications trait that the organization lately launched on the beta edition of its iOS-based application. So what exactly does this feature carry out? It principally notifies users at any time somebody attempts to sign into their accounts or list a new WhatsApp account with the phone number of users.


WhatsApp For Android Get New Photo Icon


This, in turn, would improve the privacy of the entire system of WhatsApp by not providing other users unintentional right of entry to a user’s data and account. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that this trait is yet in the functions and the corporation has not begun rolling out this attribute to its users so far.

Apart from the numerous device compatibility features, WhatsApp is even working on designing its photo icon once again. The social texting app has up-graded the icons that symbolize sent & received pictures in the chat record. Former the icon appeared similar to a camera; the redesigned picture looks reasonably parallel to the Gallery sign in the Android mobile phones. This is a small update, and it is accessible as a division of WhatsApp app beta for Android edition 2.19.345.

Besides, the Blocked Contact Notice & Grouped Blocked Contacts features are also coming to Android soon. In this, the first attribute feature would let users unblock a blocked person’s contact in the chat place of the contact, by merely clicking on the chat notification available in a particular chat window. On the other hand, the later one will mechanically group all of the users’ blocked contacts in a record based on explicit measures. The application would segregate all of the users’ business contacts below a diverse segment. Both these attributes are yet in functions and should be accessible to users soon.

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