Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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• Facebook declared its rebranding former this month
• WhatsApp is among the initial Facebook products to attribute its new logo
• WhatsApp for Android (Web release) has been upgraded to edition

WhatsApp for Android has got an innovative beta edition that carries the reformed Facebook footer. The real-time messaging mobile app is also supposed to be in building to take the predictable Dark Theme. However, it’s not so far noticeable publicly. Unconnectedly, an up-graded WhatsApp for iPhone edition has been accounted for online, which features the Dark Theme. The messaging app hasn’t officially unveiled its strategies towards transporting the Dark Theme to its direct texting application, though. WhatsApp for Android has also been updated to edition 2.19.329 with bug fastens.

Particularly for beta testers, the texting app for Android beta edition 2.19.331 has been launched that carries the footer displaying the redesigned the logo of Facebook. The Facebook footer is noticeable on the starting screen and in the settings menu of the most recent WhatsApp beta edition. Additionally, it is even accessible on the Splash Screen.


Facebook rolled out its innovative logo the previous month that displays the organization’s name in all uppercase alphabets. A California-based social networking giant, the Menlo Park, even declared that its redesigning would be perceptible across all its manufactured goods and marketing materials. The messaging application seems to be amongst the initial some Facebook manufactured goods to feature the rebranding via the new footer.

The messaging beta watcher WABetaInfo initially marked the Facebook header on the recent beta launch. You can see its existence by downloading the updates directly by contributing to the beta testing program accessed by sideloading the start or Google Play Store through APK Mirror. Moreover, the best update might cause a few problems on your systems since it’s implied for testing reasons merely and might contain bugs.

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Besides, to the recent beta edition for Android gadgets, WhatsApp seems to be inching nearer to transport the much-anticipated Dark Theme to its iPhone mobile app. WABetaInfo has made a tweet of an image recommending the current development. The resource has even utilized a hashtag “soon,” in order to clue at an upcoming debut. However, WhatsApp is hitherto to disclose bureaucrat information around the Dark Theme.

Also, a Dark Default Wallpaper was marked lately inside WhatsApp for Android beta edition 2.19.327. Likewise, WhatsApp for iPhone is wondered about including two different versions of the Dark Theme, making use of numerous shades of black color.

WhatsApp has even rolled out a new edition of WhatsApp for Android that is destined for customary users, as marked by WABetaInfo. The up-gradation, carrying edition 2.19.329, consists of bug fixes & is accessible for download via the WhatsApp website.

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