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• On whatsapp, more than 100 billion instant messages have sent at new Year eve.
• Furthermore 20 billion individual messages have sent in the midst of the users of india.
• Around 12 billion messages were dependent on picture forms.

Whatsapp is the one most used talk application on the planet. It additionally has conveyed an expansive number of messages just as media trades each day. In any case, the new years eve bankrupts a record that has been staying since WhatsApp for android starting 10 years earlier.

Whatsapp has revealed that users sent in excess of 100 billion individual messages on new years eve. In addition out of that number, more than 20 billion individual messages were sent by indian users alone.

Likewise around 12 billion messages sent in the photos structure. Meanwhile, whatsapp users in india sent in excess of 20 billion messages on december 31 as they acquainted 2018 with wishes with friends and family.

In a release, whatsapp revealed that of the 75 billion messages sent on new years eve 20 billion were essentially from india. These figures the most critical ever number of messages sent on the platform which has more than 1 billion users worldwide and considers india its most prominent market with 200 million users.

Whatsapp Update 100 Billion Messages Sent On New Year Event

It is exceptional that whatsapp persevered through a power outage suffering over an hour late on december 31 2017 and in the early hours from january 1 2018. While the net overall volume of message exchange a singular day is incredible the responsibility of indians is in like manner famous. Whatsapp says that indian users sent in excess of 20 billion messages on new years eve which is around one-fifth of the entire number of messages sent around the world.

It isnt shocking given the truth the greatest segment of whatsapp users are indian and the number keeps creating at a snappy pace. The facebook-asserted association incorporates that content informing is the most notable whatsapp feature unmistakably trailed by status picture informing calling and voice notes in a comparative solicitation.

The facebook-guaranteed association similarly revealed the most outstanding Whatsapp features with its overall users through the range of 2019. Content informing was the most supported strategy for correspondence on the platform trailed by status.

The best 5 most WhatsApp features among whatsapp users worldwide through the range of the year are:

1. Content messaging
2. Status
3. Picture messaging
4. Calling
5. Voice notes

Whatsapp wrote in an open articulation that in excess of 100 billion messages were sent universally on december 31 in the 24-hour range making ready to the 12 pm of new Year eve. This is a record-breaking volume and is the most important number of messages exchanged a single day as far back as whatsapp initiated its organizations ten years earlier. Out of those 100 billion+ messages sent on new years eve whatsapp says in excess of 12 billion were pictures. In this way, the number isnt generally astonishing given that the greatest segment of WhatsApp users is Indian.

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