Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Facebook Messenger has a dark mode, Instagram too now has a dark mode but WhatsApp is still missing this feature. The dark mode for WhatsApp first came into rumor in September 2018. Since then there have been few leaks and screenshots but nothing actual has come out. The wait, however, seems to be coming to an end.


WhatsApp new features

WhatsApp is working some really amazing features for its Android and iOS users. In front of the official release, these features have been marked in the new beta version of both Android and iOS platforms.

Splash Screen

A very slight update to the app, WhatsApp now shows a logo whenever it’s freshly launched. If you’re previously a beta user on Android, you can check this feature. First, you have to update your WhatsApp beta from Google Play Store. If the app is opened by now in the background, kill it. Now, the time when you launch it, you will see a WhatsApp logo showing on the screen before the chatbox fully loads. With the Galaxy Note 10+ (with system dark theme enabled), the logo appears to be in the dark mode as well. The splash Screen was recently spotted in WhatsApp Business beta both Android and iOS platforms.

High Muted Status

One of the most awaited features on WhatsApp, the app will soon allow users to hide a muted status from feed altogether. The recently launched beta version of WhatsApp for iPhone shows a new “Muted Update” column along with a dropdown like an arrow. The screenshots shared by WhatsApp Beta info suggest all hidden status updated will be gathered under this section while users will always have the option to tap on the dropdown button and see them.

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Dark Mode

WhatsApp users have long demand a Dark Mode. Amazingly, traces of dark mode have been seen in some of the older beta versions of the app but the feature never made it to the stable version. The latest beta updates of WhatsApp’s Dark Theme is inching nearer to the official launch, while you’ll see reversed colors, the text bubbles also have a dark background.

Self Destruction Feature

WhatsApp will offer Snapchat-style self-destructing messaging features soon. Motivated by Snapchat’s self-destructing feature, WhatsApp will allow users to retract a message after a certain period of time. Users will have the option to choose between 5 seconds, 1 hour, 7 days, and even 30 days for these self-destructing messages.


WhatsApp recently launched a slide of new features for iPhone users. Some of the features have been a part of the Android version for quite some time. WhatsApp for iOS has now added a new edit tool for media in chats. Another big feature for iPhone users is the ability to play WhatsApp voice messages in notifications itself.

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