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Wi-Fi Calling Becomes The New Norm

Talk time, balance, recharge are some of the words we are obsessed with. Every time we call a person, we always look for sufficient balance or recharge in our devices. Sometimes we don’t remember the renewal date and then try to call someone. That is when we get to know about insufficient recharge in our cellular device.

Insufficient balance in our device may have various advantages, but when compared to disadvantages, we recognize that disadvantages are more than benefits.  But what if I tell you, we can call anyone with an insufficient balance in your device.

Yes, we can do that. Some of you must be thinking of WhatsApp calls, Google duo, Zoom calls, etc. No, these are the apps that avail us the facility to call through the internet. But what if we can make a normal call through Wi-Fi.

We are living in the 21st century, where every minute, we come across new difficulties, ideas, and new solutions. This is where Wi-Fi calling is introduced.

Wi-Fi is the most undervalued term. Many people are not aware of other features of Wi-Fi, apart from using it as an internet provider. It is also known as vowifi.

By using this feature, we may save our data, ultimately money. Right now, not all mobile devices have this feature, but by 2021 this feature will be available on all mobile phones. Wi-Fi calling may not be the only calling option, but when compared to cellular calling, it is a superior option.


How To Enable Wi-Fi Calling Feature:

Step 1: Go to settings and search for sim cards and networks.

Step 2: After that, you may see the information about your sim cards. Click on sim card 1 or 2. (As per your choice)

Step 3: you can see many options where you can find Wi-Fi calling options. If you don’t have such an option, your phone may not support Wi-Fi calling.

Step 4: Select the Wi-Fi calling option and enable that option.

After following these steps, you may get a Wi-Fi calling icon on the notification bar. This is how you enable Wi-Fi calling options.

To know whether this works or not, try calling someone, and if the Wi-Fi calling icon, which is shown on the notification bar, is seen next to the number you have dialed, then this option is enabled.

If the Wi-Fi calling icon is not shown next to the number you are calling, then your device may not support Wi-Fi calling.



  1. It does not charge any extra amount for this feature to use.
  2. No need to buy a new sim card or to change an existing phone number.
  3. This saves our regular calling data whenever connected to the Wi-Fi.
  4. It does not restrict your calls even if the calling data is insufficient.
  5. This increases the quality of your calls. E.g., voice quality remains the same and does not buffer.
  6. Whenever we move out of the city to another, we may skip the roaming charges if we are connected to Wi-Fi service.

Wi-Fi calling is a new feature and may not be compatible in the initial days and need more updates to use on a large scale. As we discussed the Advantages, let’s talk about Disadvantages.

Benefits and downside are two different sides of the same coin. Thus, this feature has downsides but also offers us various benefits.

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Disadvantages of Wi-Fi Calling:

  1. It only depends on the strength of the service you are connected with. If the network gets disturbed, the calls carried out through this feature may also get interrupted
  2. This feature is newly introduced in the tech world and is not compatible with every device in 2020.
  3. While using this feature, you may hear the voice of the other person with an interval of 1- 2 seconds.
  4. It isn’t the default feature, so we have to enable it as per our use.
  5. The biggest downside may occur in crowded places like Railway stations, Malls, Airports, where many people are connected to one service and use the service on the larger size.

These were the most crucial downsides of Wi-Fi calling.

Every one of us can make use of this feature and can make a call even with insufficient balance. Wi-Fi calling may not be used at its fullest in rural areas where there are no Wi-Fi connections or the service provided.


1. Who can use the feature?

Anyone whose device supports this feature.

2. Does the Wi-Fi call cost any extra?

It uses your Wi-Fi service and does not cost any additional charges for calling.

3. How much data does Wi-Fi calling use?

Wi-Fi voice calling uses around 1MB per minute.

4. Does it need a fast Wi-Fi speed?

It is not mandatory to have a secured Wi-Fi network, but the more robust the network better the quality.

5. Is it possible to make an International call?

Using Wi-Fi calling to make an international call can be used, but it also depends upon the service you have. It may have specific rules.

6. Does it charge more to make a domestic call?

No, it does not cost us more than what we have paid for our Wi-Fi provider. E.g., to make a call in India, it would not cost us extra. If anyone desires to make International calls, it depends on the terms and conditions laid by your respective internet provider.

Many handset manufacturers name this feature distinctively.  Manufacturers like Apple, Samsung name it as VoWI-Fi. Some other manufacturers may name it as VLAN.

Now no need for making excuses about having an insufficient balance to call someone. The most important and only condition of this feature is that you must be connected to any Wi-Fi serviceMany devices now have been updated via a software update. To enable this feature to its users and ultimately save money of the users.

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