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World Traveller App Review by Mobileappdiary

Traveling is quite a vital section of life since it is one of the best ways to get out of a busy timetable. It is even to experience life in diverse ways. We all know that traveling is actually an excellent therapy for stress, anxiety and despair. It also enhances mental & physical health. We have a single life, and we ought to thank it for creating us more innovative human beings on this globe.

Not merely do we get to familiar with the magnificence of nature, different geographies, topographies, & people. Travelling is majorly about finding out new places, rituals, cultures, cuisines, and styles of livelihood. We even travel since distance & dissimilarity are the surreptitious toxic of learning, as well as creativity, which one cannot scrutinize by sitting at home.

Travelling assists in broadening your horizon to shift it in new directions, pushing everyday life, and unplugging from the pulls. In the middle of all these things, traveling map apps make the process of locating your destination simpler.


• Travel tracker: Have a track of the places you have been. Countries, cities, territories, towns…
• Offline database of countries. Use the application without an internet connection. We know that you don’t have roaming everywhere!
• Customized stats. Discover the Northernmost, the richest, the biggest, the most populated country you have been. You have tens of interesting stats that you can check!
• Set your cities as favourites or in your list of wishes.
• Curious about any country? You can check plenty of interesting data like the area, GDP, population, flag and more!
• Login and save your data for having it in every device that you own!
• Available in 15 languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Turkish, Finnish, Portuguese, Polish, Belarusian and Slovakian.
• Currency converter automatically detects your currency and the country you are in.
• Check the type of visa you have to every country.
• Export and import your data, make your own backups just in case you are going to change your device.
• Add your own pictures to the countries; keep your memories about trips.


Travels and maps

Operating system:

Available for telephones and tables with android 4.1 Jelly Bean (API 16)

World Traveller App Review Details

How it is helping?

We all love traveling, but some of you do it more than others. This app lets you keep track of all countries and cities you have visited. This online scratch map is what you were looking for!

Discover a lot of curiosities about the places which you have travelled to! Which is the richest country that you have ever been to? What percentage of the world have you discovered? What is the biggest country that you have ever been?

World Traveller App screen

In addition to that, it provides custom stats according to the trips you have done, as well as information about all the countries of the whole world: population, currencies, visas, passport comparison, etc.

You can check what kind of visa you need for every country in the world, depending on your passport. Check it before you plan any trip!

Login with Google or Facebook and keep your data Forever. You will have your own scratch map ready in every device you use!

They are coming to a lot of new and exciting stuff. World Traveller is an application growing constantly.

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